Everything Happen Must Have A Reason

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Yeay updating my blog again! Alhamdulillah, dah start new semester. Clinical year! Memang banyak hadap disease, treatment. Redha lah kan. So far, dah one week start new semester ni, macam okay lah. Hahaha. I don't have any problem with my studies so far. Today, I got my result from previous semester, Alhamdulillah again, a good news. I did really well, Praise to Allah. Walaupun rasanya last semester banyak main-main.

Dah seminggu after semester break, lot of things happened. Bad and good. Both. Nak cerita yang good dulu ke bad dulu? Korang nak dengar yang mana dulu? Kalau nak dengar yang bad dulu, angkat kaki. Kalau nak dengar yang good dulu, angkat tangan. Hahahaha. Orang cakap lagi afdhal kita cerita pasal good dulu. Okay, first, I got to meet my best-friends and we got to spend lot of time together. Even some of us not in the same class for this new semester, we still try our best untuk spend time together. Second, despite of …

Wanna Run Away, but....

Cuba teka, I just wrote this post just now tapi lupa nak save into draft. Hilang semua benda. And here I am, have to write everything all over again. Fuh, life is getting tougher eh, Nik? Haha.
So I am finally at home. Actually last night, since this few days, I have been warded for dengue. Alhamdulillah, I feel so much better. Praise to Allah. Tapi demam still ada dan sakit-sakit badan pun still ada. Normal, I used to it.
I just talked to my girl-best-friend just now. How I wish I can run away from this life for a while. Okay, do not get a wrong idea, I am not giving up of my life. Cuma, rasa nak give myself a break. I wanna go somewhere yang tenang, tak ada orang yang Nik kenal, tak ada orang yang kenal Nik. Just me myself and my peaceful mind. But, then back to reality, I can't. I don't even know where to go.
These few days, I keep on being disturb by fake account. Macam biasa. Same drama, same person, same stories. But, it has been a little bit over dr…