بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum .
Midnight . Baru lepas tengok football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid . A bit disappointed because my favourite team , Barcelona lost . Anyways , Congratulation Real Madrid ! And yes dah nak habis cuti midsem for my first semester and my first year . Eh cuti mid sem tapi tak boleh pula update blog kan . Okay no excuse for that , memang sejak balik rumah for midsem break , diri ini agak kemalasan . Okay mengaku . Enough said , tak nak cakap pasal football match or my midsem break but nak cakap pasal a girl who has been experiencing a phobia . Called as Soteriophobia . A fear of dependence on others or fear of getting attach to someone .

A girl , a girl who had tried her best to distance herself from others . No , she is not what you are thinking right now , she just needs time , time to find herself , time to heal her heart and time for her to believe on faith . And that the reasons she keeps on distance herself from others , without thinking what will happen on her future if she keeps on doing that . Time move so fast . She had been through a lot by herself , alone . No one with her . Time changes everything . She finds herself back , she felt comfortable with her new life . No one disrupting her life , she did everything alone and yet she still survive . Until one day , someone come into her life . She didn't know how to describe that person . But faith , calling each other as a friend , a friend for sharing everything , a friend when they need someone to talk , a friend when they feel lonely , a friend to make a joke with , a friend to laugh and fight at the same time . She is happy with her new life . Having a friend , close friend is a good thing . You have someone to talk , you have someone to share your problem , you have someone to fight and then make up after a few second . She intensely attach to that person . When that person didn't stay with her , she feels lonely . Without that person , her life is incomplete . And one day she realized everything is wrong . She shouldn't dependence on someone , she shouldn't attach to someone . Why ? People come and go . That person will leave her . Not now , not tomorrow but one day . She started to have Soteriophobia . She has a fear of getting attach to someone . Trying to distance herself from that person . Day 1 , she failed . Day 2 , she failed . Day 3 , she still failed . What should her do ? Telling what she has been through in her life to that person ? Or asking that person to stay forever with her ? Is that person wanna stay with her , be her friend forever ? What she needs right now is to get rid from Sateriophobia . She really needs help . She needs to believe that everything happen must have a reason , people come and go for a reason and she has to face any possible things that might happen one day . She can be attach to someone but still put guard on herself . Yes she needs to get rid from that .

You may need someone in your life . But once you accept someone into your life , you have to accept when they start to leave too . Don't be afraid to accept someone . Don't be afraid to lose someone . Take it as a cycle in our life . - anonymous

Wallahualam .



  1. Assalammualaikum Nik :) ..ehem2 lain mcm je bunyi luahan entri kali ini ..hehe ..


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