Limit Our Expectation

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum .
9th January . Yes semester break dah nak berakhir . Allahu , cepat betul masa berlalu . I don't know what have I done for my semester break . Actually , I am not going to talk about what I have done or else . I am going to talk about something common in our life . EXPECTATION . Well , bila kita buat something kita akan selalu harapkan sesuatu . Example , be close to someone so that they gonna be our friend - be friend with someone so that they gonna be with us , listen to our problem but yes not everything will be as what we want . I am not saying that kita tak sepatutnya berharap dengan sesuatu but we should limit our expectation . Jangan berharap sangat nanti diri sendiri kecewa . Dush I have heard these words many times . Okay tak nak cakap pasal orang lain . Nak cakap pasal diri sendiri . I always put high expectation to everything . I am this kind of person yang suka letak target on something . Okay contoh on study lah ye , bila exam , I will put target nak high marks for subjects yang diri sendiri rasa mampu nak score , then I really work hard on that subject but at the end , I didn't get what I have targeted for that subject . Of course lah kecewa . Bila kecewa mulalah rasa nak putus asa . Astagfirullahalazim . Perangai betul . In friendship let say , I have this kind of expectation , I always think my friend as my family . So their problem is my problem too . Of course I'm trying to be a good listener for them . I am not trying to solve their problems but I'm trying to be there and comfort them . Be honest I always hope they will do the same thing to me . But as I said , high expectation leads to high disappointment . They didn't be there for you . They think friend will always be friend even they said you are their family . I don't know whether they really mean what they said or it just a saying . You keep your problem by yourself and when you try to share it with your friend , opss sorry they have something to do . So what you gonna do next ?

From those situation , I learn something . I shouldn't put high expectation on something . Learn to limit my expectation .  I should learn about me first . I should know my ability on my studies . I have to work hard on my studies but don't expect too much . I should learn to tawakkal and redha on what I have done and what I got for my studies . Bad or good , I have did my best . Maybe Allah didn't give what I want because He provide something better for me . Who knows , right ? And relationship with human being . Well people come and go as they want . I can't expect everyone to act like me and be like me . Everyone different . I might think my friend as my family but maybe they didn't think the same . I might feel like having a bestfriend but they didn't feel the same . I shouldn't ask for more . I should appreciate everyone who come into my life . It is up to them whether they wanna stay with you or walk away from you , it is their choice and you didn't have right to stop them . Try to accept everything . Be sincere with everyone . You say you're willing to listen to their problem then be a good listener and don't expect them to be your listener too . You say you're going to be there for them then try your best to stay beside them and don't expect them to be with you almost every time . You say you gonna treat them as your family then treat them as your family and don't expect them to treat you as their family . Be sincere with everything you do . If not able to be sincere then move ! Maybe it is time for you to walk away from them . Don't blame them . You make the choice .

Life would be easier if we think out of the box . We must think about ourselves and everyone around us . We cannot think about ourselves only because everyone has their own feelings . You need to take care of both side feelings . You are unhappy and negative because of how you think but you can change the way you think . With a little work and effort you can change how you think and this will automatically change your expectations and improved your life . Hahaha I think I talk like a motivational experts . Okay gonna stop here . Let's work hard to improve ourselves . Limit up your expectation on everything if you didn't wanna get disappointment .

I miss Bigbang right now . I hope they gonna make their comeback soon but I  won't expect too much . haha

Wallahualam . 


  1. Assalammualaikum , entri yang membina sis :) Saya pun menaruh harapan yang tinggi terhadap sahabat-sahabat saya but the end saya yang selalu kecewa.. Sekarang saya tak nak letak harapan tinggi terhadap mereka tapi cuba fokus membaiki diri sendiri :D


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