VIP's Mode : Bigbang Celebrate SG50 New Year's Concert 2015

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Credit to : Seungri Instagram

Assalamualaikum .
Yes happy vibes everyone ! As I'm having such a hectic day at my University , I'm trying to do something that gonna bring my happy mood back and here I am scrolling some news about BIGBANG . Kind of disappointed since there is no news about their comeback . But then I found something that make me feel fantastic baby ! Hahaha . Actually on 31st of December 2014 , Bigbang celebrate New Year's at Singapore by doing a concert . Man , it is not easy to watch Bigbang singing with all 5 members on one stage especially on 2014 . 

if it didn't work you can click HERE

Credit to Bigbang Music (fanpage) for uploading these video . Yeay , I'm so excited to watch them singing their songs . And as usual , VIP's keep on rocking the concert with their crown light all over the place and shout for G-dragon , TOP , Taeyang , Daesung and Seungri names , singing songs together with Bigbang . You rock Singapore ! Anways , I gonna list their songs that they sang on that night . 

Song that they perform :
Fantastic Baby

Haru Haru
Bad Boy
Gara Gara Go
Good Boy
Hands Up
Last Farewell

You can also watch Bigbang introduce themselves in English . G-Dragon's english quite good . Good Boy GD ! As one of the VIP , I am satisfied with Bigbang performances , well I never get disappointed with their performance even though they keep on repeating the same song . Oh my , I really hope Bigbang gonna make their comeback soon . I really wanna buy their new album and listen to every track of their new song . Please make it happen YG . VIP keep on waiting for them .  
So that's all for VIP's Mode . Who is VIP's Malaysia ? I am here too . 


  1. Suka bigbang jugaak ek?? Hihi

    Jemput singgah


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