First Time Finding for Part Time Job

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Hai , I gonna share about my first experience on looking for a part time job . Okay actually I just finished my first year degree so right now I am having my semester break for almost 3 months . Haih , so I was thinking what should I do on my semester break ? Travel with my friends , okay need money for that . Learn how to cook and bake , well I need money to buy the ingredients . Shopping , hang out with friends , I need money too at least . Well since everything needs money so how should I get the money ? Yes , find a part time job . ((I can't use my allowance , my mom asked me to keep it))

So the first thing that I need to do before finding a part time job is asking for my parents permission . Okay I got such a great respond from my dad but my mom keeps on asking me whether I really wanna do the part time job since I never do any of it before this . But after a long discussion , my mom gave her permission . Okay let's do it Nik . After getting parents' permission , I need to find at least one person to accompany me . I called my best friends and asked them whether they wanna look for part time job with me . Tadaa , best friend of course gonna have chemistry between each other because one of my best friends also look for a part time job . So yeah we start to look for a part time job . Here we go !

We decided to find a part time job at KBMall ((Yes I'm Kelantanese everyone !)) . We looked for almost every single stores in KBMall , it took us 4 hours wandering around , asking for a part time job . We went to Noodle Station , Padini Store , Brands Outlet , Vincci , Factory Outlet Store , Oasis Shoes Store , Jefferson , Baskin Robbin and others . Never thought finding a part time job gonna be these tough . It is not a real job actually just a part time job but yeah that's life . To all students out there , life won't be easy for you . Hahaha . Well at least we got to register our name at Padini Store , Vincci and Baskin Robbin together . Okay should I tell you what the procedures before you get to register your name for part time job ? I hope it won't stop you from finding a part time job . 

Okay some of the stores do asked us about our experience and our highest education qualification . It's kind of interview but not in formal way . However I did wear formal attire . Hahaha well at least the owner would see a charismatic side of me . Lol . Some of them just asked us to write our name , phone number and address without looking at us . Hahaha kind of rude . Okay actually this one store , food store , they did offer me for a full time job but there are a lot of procedures you need to get through first before you get that job . What kind of procedures ? Okay first you need to go to Pejabat Kesihatan and make sure you are 100% healthy without any disease . Second , you need to get a worker license (( why do I need a license for 3 months job ?)) . Third , okay now you get the job , you need to remember all the menus in that restaurant and at least know how do they taste like so that you can recommend the food to the customers . Come on , there are 100 ((or more than that)) foods and drinks in that store . It is much more tougher than Biology . Why do you need to remember the menus ? The reason is when you are taking the order , you need to write the number provide to every food not the name of the food ((based on the system , they need the number not name)) , but of course customers gonna tell you the name of the food instead of the number provide to every food . And yes if you can't remember the number provide with the name of the food then you make a wrong order . It won't end like that , you need to pay for that wrong order . Aish . Okay no thanks for that job . I don't think that job suitable for me . 

Well people , life won't be easy for us right ? Even finding a part time job gonna be so tough to you how about the real job based on your highest education qualification ? I don't think it gonna be easy if we do not work hard on that . Right now , I'm just hoping I can get a part time job before the end of the semester break . I really need the part time job right now . Let's wait for a good news okay ? Bye bye



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