BIGBANG Live in Malaysia 2015

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum . 
Yeah Malaysian VIPs . BIGBANG gonna have their concert tour in Malaysia this month . I am too excited after getting the email about the tour . Actually for their 2015 Made World Tour , BIGBANG will travel to 15 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines . Everyone must be excited right ? The last time BIGBANG visited Malaysia for their Alive Galaxy Tour was on 2012 . It has been 3 years then . It is pleasure to have the Kings of Kpop again in Malaysia . Ohh I forgot to tell you guys the date for their 2015 Made World Tour In Malaysia . It will be held on 24 and 25 July 2015 at Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur . Well it already stated on the picture above actually . 

Okay for those who want to be there and cherish them . I will share with you guys how to buy the tickets . I heard that Hotlink also provide the tickets but I don't know how to get it . So yeah for those who wants to buy the ticket, you can buy it at 


Hotline Ticket : +603-92228811
Start on 22nd May 2015 - 10am
IME Production : +603-21666166


Ticket Charge Office
IME Production Office
Speedy Music Store
Rock Corner Music Store
Victoria Music Center
Neway Karaoke Outlet


Rock Zone A - RM 798 (free standing)
Rock Zone B - RM 698 (free standing)
VIP Cat 1 - RM 698 (numbered sit)
VIP Cat 2 - RM 598 (numbered sit)
VIP Cat 3 - RM 498 (numbered sit)
VIP Cat 4 - RM 398 (numbered sit)
((the ticket prices are inclusive of 6% GST but exclusive of RM 4 of processing fees))


Yeah, I can see your excited face, guys. Go buy the tickets now . You guys must be lucky for having the opportunity to be there because I couldn't join you guys . I still on my Eid mood . Hahaha . But don't worry I will make sure my Bigbang-light stick in my hand during raya . Gonna light it . Hahaha . Oh yes , for those VIPs staying at Thailand, Singapore and Philippines , I gonna share the date of the World Tour Made also . Here it goes ;

Made Tour in Thailand : 11 & 12 July
Made Tour in Singapore : 18 & 19 July
Made Tour in Philippines : 30 July . 

You're welcome . Hahaha . My oppas must have such a busiest month ever with their Made Tour Concert . Please have some rest too kings . You still have to release your new songs on September ((if I am not mistaken)) . Please take care of your health GD, TOP , Taeyang , Seungri and Daesung . Especially my baby, GD . His eyebags, I really hope he can get some sleep before concert . I wanna see your sweet smile with that smiley eyes . Ouch ! Oh no , I always forgot something . I have two videos of BIGBANG okay , Malaysia VIPs . Please be excited and jump off from your bed or chair . Hahaha but you have to click the link below because the video belongs to IME Production . Not mine for sure . Hahaha

Ohhh Please , stop screaming guys . Hahaha Have Fun though . 



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