[MADE] Bigbang - If You

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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Assalamualaikum .
From my previous post ((if you still remember)), I did mentioned about Bigbang song, If You but I didn't make an official post about that song . So here I am writing about my favorite song in MADE album . Actually I love all the songs, of course I do since I am VIP . Okay everyone let's watch the lyrics video made by a fan for If You song . Let's check it up . 

credit to : ColorCodedKpop Channel

Bigbang appeared on Naver Starcast and explained to the audience about the song . G-Dragon collaborated with PK and Dee.P for the track If You . G-Dragon known as the leader group also the composer and lyrics writer noted that this was the first time the group tried ballad song and If You is the first track that all members sing on including himself and TOP . He also told the audience that the track meant a lot to him because he wrote it while he was in love . YG official did mentioned that If You does not have a music video because since Bigbang debut on 2006, If You is their saddest song . A music video wasn't shot so that you can focus more on the music and lyrics only .
It does touched your heart right ? I know it . Hahaha since it doesn't have music video, I will share the live version of If You song by Bigbang on their tour concert . You have to click the link below so that it will bring you to official Bigbang youtube channel . It is okay ? Nahh VIP will do everything for the Kings . 

Thank you for supporting the Kings, Bigbang . Thank you so much and please stay tuned for a new post about Bigbang . I gonna update more . 


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