Midnight Thought, Friendship

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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When it comes to choose between sleep or stay up, I always choose to stay up . I don't know why but I have problem with my sleep pattern . Today, I can't even close my eyes and what am I doing right now? Nahh I am walking to my kitchen, looking for something to eat and then going back to my room and here I am writing my new post . I don't know if people gonna read this once they wake up tomorrow but it's okay I still wanna write about this . Pernah tak tiap-tiap malam before tidur korang fikir about something that already happened in your life since you were born until now . I mean what had happened in your life and why it's happened ? Kalau ada fikir macam tu, gimme five . 

Apa benda lah Nik mengarut ni haa . Actually few days ni, Nik punya mood kind of swing juga lah . Kejap okay kejap tak and kadang-kadang tu rasa macam 'I will sleep all day long but at the end, I can't even close my eyes' . What's really make me feel like these ? Actually, I was thinking, well I'm thinking about why people turn this beautiful world into a cruel world ? Wait, I won't talk about politics or anything related to my country condition because my parents warn me not to talk about politics or gossips in my blog so since I am good daughter I gonna listen to them . So let me make it clear, I'm talking about people, friendship in general . I mean some people being so kind in front of others but at the same time they always talk bad or should I say they stab behind other's back . What if a friend does it to a friend ? Why a friend does it to a friend ? I mean why they have to be a friend at first ? If you don't like that person, you can just ignore him . Why do you have to be kind in front of him, care about him but once he turns his back, you talk bad about him, stab his back ? I don't get it . Why you have to be cruel ?

Actually sebab orang-orang macam ni lah yang membuatkan orang-orang lain takut untuk memulakan persahabatan and of course they gonna have trust issue on someone . I won't talk about anyone else but I gonna talk about me . After my hijrah or changing into a better muslimah, I find out that some of my friend yang before this rapat, now kind of menjauhkan diri and if I asked them why they choose that way, they said they are not good enough to be friend with me or some of them would say that it's hard to be easy-going with me or to ask me hang out because I have change . People, I change because I am muslimah, my religion is Islam and I need to be a better muslimah . Well you as well need to be better, improve yourself then why don't we improve ourselves together rather than you choose to put a gap in our friendship ? Or is it just an excuse not to be friend with me ? If yes, why do you choose to be my friend at first ? It is ridiculous excuse . 

Then why did someone need to talk behind their friend's back ? I mean why you wanna talk about that person ? Are you really into that person ? I mean do you actually fall in love with that person but since you can't get his heart maybe because of certain things, you talk bad behind his back so that everyone gonna hate him, are you greedy for his love ? Okay now you're being so pathetic . If you really love that person as your friend, you don't have to talk bad about him . Because come on, you said you are a friend of him then why do you have to talk bad about him , think rationally people . If you talk bad about that person , well anyone else can also talk bad about you . Do you want the same thing happen to you ? If not then stop talking bad about others, jangan sibuk cari salah orang, jangan sibuk bercerita tentang salah orang . Cari salah diri, cuba ambil cermin and talk something bad about yourself . At least you can improve yourself to be a better person .

Talking about a friend's past ? What if your friend used to be a bad person, he had such a worst past but he already changes into a better person . Why did you still talk about his past . Because you are his friend and you know everything about your friend and his past ? Do you know that we can also call you as a backstabber ? Do you know that Islam teaches us untuk jaga aib orang agar Allah juga akan jaga aib kita . If you know his past and he already changes, it would be good if you can support him and cherish him for a better life . Another backstabber is when you tell others about your friend's secret . Come on, you are such a cruel person . If your friend tells you about a secret that's mean he put his 100% trust on you then why you break his trust ? Can't you keep the secret and don't tell anyone else ? He has a reason why he didn't tell anyone else but he told you about the secret because you are his friend and he trust you . But why you have to tell others about his secret ? Can anyone tell me why ? Because until now I can't believe this kind of people still exist on this world . Well it used to happen to me, I used to tell my friend about a secret but she told her 'friend' about my secret even though I told her not to tell anyone . Then I realized, maybe I am not her friend that's why she did it to me so I stop sharing my secret to her . Not anymore . 

General question, why you choose to be a bad friend that hurt your friend instead of being a good friend that will always be there through ups and downs, that will always talk nice about others ? No one make a choice for you . You do make a choice for yourself . It's not cool to be a bad friend guys, no not cool at all . If you feel like you gonna be a bad friend that gonna hurt others, talk bad behind their back or be a friend for such a short period then put this in mind, don't approach anyone to be your friend . Live alone . It is okay ? Well I don't think you gonna agree with me because everyone need a friend so please please please be a good friend to everyone and appreciate everyone . If you have a lot of friends then be fair . Don't be good at certain people and be bad at certain people . Don't judge them by their look, wealth or appearance . Be fair . It's not gonna harm you if you be fair to others right ? Stop giving excuses, stop being fake, stop hurting them and stop stop stop talking bad about them . Okay, now go and hug your friends . They really need it . They do need it . Hug all of them, don't left out anyone okay ? Now it's time for us to change . Make a lot of friend and be a good friend . Let's live peacefully and let's not hurt each other . Is it okay for you ? Well it's okay for me . 

I feel so much blessed to have my friends around me . I'm really sorry if I make mistakes in our friendship or I hurt anyone . I'm really sorry . I gonna improve myself to be a better friend to everyone . And please be good to me too . Alhamdulillah thank you Allah for giving me those who stay with me through my ups and downs, the five person that really important to me . 
I didn't point this entry to anyone . It's kind of sharing post . Ingatkan diri sendiri untuk jadi kawan yang baik dalam pada masa yang sama mengingatkan orang sekeliling untuk menjadi kawan yang baik . Win-win situation . It's time to muhasabah diri , mengingati kekhilafan diri .

Wallahualam .


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