Why English ?

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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Assalamualaikum . 
For the first time ever, I got an idea after watching one Vlog on YouTube . Actually, I am not going to talk about the Vlog that I watched, but the comments that I read on the Vlog . So here's some of the typical comments:

" Awak ni orang Melayu, kenapa cakap English ?"
" Can you please use malay ?"
"Acah-acah hipster guna English . "
" Saya tak faham English."

" Awak ni orang Melayu, kenapa cakap English ?"
Okay, let's start. If you read my previous posts, I did use English sometimes so when I read those comments like I mentioned above, I'm thinking is it wrong to use English even though I'm Malaysian? Well, as we know English is our second language after Bahasa Melayu so why can't we use English? Since kindergarten, my English teacher taught me how to spell 'chicken' and how to say 'Nama saya ialah Nik' in English, which is 'My Name is Nik'. In primary school, I had been learning about grammar, vocabulary and I need to write an essay for exam. And the learning goes on and on even though now I'm studying at University. So why do I learn English? Is it just for fun or I have to since English is one of the compulsory subjects as state in Malaysia Education System?

Everyone has to learn English whether you like it or not. But trust me, it is worth to learn English because sooner or later you need to use it. When? Maybe not every day in your life. Then, when? When you have to attend an interview for a part-time job after high school or an interview for a scholarship or an interview for a job after graduated. Okay, based on my experience, I used to attend an interview for a scholarship for undergraduate student. If I'm not learning English, I don't think I can answer all those questions from interviewers. Wait, the interviewers are Chinese, Indian and foreign so what do you expect? Answered those questions in Malay? They might send you out the door very quickly , trust me. Next, I used to study at INTI International University as a transfer student. There are Malay, Chinese, Indian and International students study at that University. So, I have to use English as a medium to communicate with my peers, especially when I need to ask questions about our studies or to interact as in a study group. Actually, it is not easy for me too, especially when I was in my 2nd semester. I've been the only Malay student in my class. Freak out. But, I managed to end my 2nd semester well and having a lot of friends. Alhamdulillah. Wait, actually I have a Chinese friend that fluent in Bahasa Melayu. He talks in Bahasa Melayu with me. How? He used to learn Bahasa Melayu during high school. 

" Can you please use malay ?", "Acah-acah hipster guna English . "
Why people need to post a picture on Instagram and write captions in English? Why people need to speak in English on the Vlog? Why people always share or write something in English?  Take a deep breath and calm down, people. Instead, I am going to tell you why. Okay for sure it is not because of acah-acah hipster or showing off with their English skills. But, it is more to let other people understand better. Maybe they have followers from different countries such as from Germany, England, Korea, etc. Or maybe they have friends from different races such as Chinese or Indian. So it's going to be easy for those who come from different countries or races to understand the captions. Let's say you have a friend comes from Korea. He posts a picture on Instagram and write a caption by using romanization of Korean. Do you understand the caption? No, I don't think so unless you learn Korean words or you translate it using google translate. Am I right here? What about Vlog? Okay, YouTube is a worldwide video-sharing website so if you did a Vlog on YouTube, your video might be watched by people from different countries than yours. So instead of inserting subtitles, why don't you use English? It's going to be easy for you since you don't have to edit and put subtitles in your video. 

"Saya tak faham English, boleh cakap Bahasa Melayu tak?".
 I think it's your problem, really. Not the ones who use English. Everyone has to learn English like I mentioned before since kindergarten. Then, why you do not understand the English language? It's just you didn't practice what you have learned. Don't worry, you still have time to improve your English step by step and try to use English as what you have learned before. In Shaa Allah, you can understand the English language next time. How to improve my English writing? How can I improve my English conversation skills? Is it okay if I make a grammar mistake or a wrong pronunciation? To be honest, I have a lot to improve on writing because I always make grammar mistakes. I try to improve my English by listening to English song and reading a lot of English books. If I do not understand certain words, I try to search it through my dictionary apps on my mobile. Everyone has gadgets, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, Samsung mobile, etc. Why don't you download dictionary apps on your mobile? You don't have to bring a thick dictionary with you like the old days, just use dictionary apps. Easy stuff, right? What about my English conversation skills? Believe me, I'm not fluent. But, I think my conversation skills are better than my writing skills. Hahaha. Because speaking is easier than writing, for me. When you speak, people couldn't find your grammar mistakes, but when you write, people can find your grammar mistakes. To improve communication skills, try to use English while talking to your friends. Participate in any English competition. Make friends with people from different races and countries. Ignore those who say, " Eleh acah acah Mat Saleh cakap English", "Eleh sedar diri la Melayu buat cara Melayu. ". Ignore those with narrow-minded. 

Okay, people. Let me make it clear. It is okay to use English, it is okay to speak and write in English. I am not telling you to stop using Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Melayu is our National Language, but at certain time we need to use English. Think out of the box. We can use Bahasa Melayu every day, well I talk to my family using Bahasa Melayu. I use Bahasa Melayu every day. But like I mentioned earlier, at certain time, we need to use English. That's why in Malaysia Education System, students need to learn English as their second language. Okay? If you don't want to learn English, it is your problem. But please don't be a narrow-minded. Okay? Good Boy! Good Girl! Let's live happily ever after.

ATTENTION ! I'm sharing my opinion. If you are disagreeing with my opinion,please ignore my entry. Thank you for reading people. 


  1. Woah..it is good opinion..it is better to try speak English than never speak it :)

  2. English nie penting dalam hidup... Sekurang-kurangnya asas tu kena faham, satu hari kita perlu juga guna ^-^


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