Do you ever wonder what will happen to your life in future? How many people will come into your life and choose to not stay? How many times you will have to go through heart break moments? What memories that you will have to keep in your mind and your heart?
Tak semua orang yang datang dalam hidup kita akan sentiasa kekal bersama kita. Pernah tak korang terfikir untuk kira berapa orang yang pernah muncul dalam hidup korang since korang lahir sampai dah sekarang tapi at the end, they left. I am not talking about relationship only. I am talking about everything. Relationship, friendship. Penatkan nak ingat balik. Penat nak kira. But sometimes when we were alone, this kind of thinking akan datang. Why all these happened? Why they happened to us? When all of these become wrong? Why they left?

All memories that we keep in our mind and also our heart will always be there. No matter how hard you try to get it out from yourself. Sakit. Sakit nak ingat semua benda yang pernah berlaku. Sesetengah orang cakap kenangan tu manis. Heh siapa cakap. Ada kenangan pahit. Eh habis tu orang tu tak kan tak ingat kita langsung? Dia tak rasa ke apa yang kita rasa? Well, who knows kan? Maybe they have been through what we have been through. Maybe they feel it. Or maybe they don't feel the same.

Trust me, kalau korang boleh rewind balik semua benda, mesti korang akan cuba untuk jadi better person, fix everything, avoid from anything wrong happen. But who are we? Tak ada kuasa nak buat semua tu. Terima, redha. Susah tapi in shaa Allah boleh.

What's your next plan for your future? Never trust people? Don't give your 100% to them? Don't get attach to them? Well, some of you might have plan all these but bila ada orang muncul dalam hidup korang, I bet you will give 100% to them. Why?

The answer is love. You are someone who love your relationship or your friendship more than you love yourself. You give 100% of yourself to them. You will do anything for them. You believe on what you wanna believe in. Is it wrong? Is it a crime to do so? No, for me no. It is your right to love someone as much as you love yourself. You can make lot of memories with them. But at the same time, you have to think of the risks. Not everyone who will be coming to your life will always stay there forever. God planned everything for us and trust me, it is the best for us. Then does it means that you have to go through all these in your entire life?

Yes, you are. What you have to do is accept everything on what happened in your life. Good or bad still Alhamdulillah. You are not alone. You have God. You have me. I have been through the same thing as yours. People did came into my life and leave. I do not blame them. It is life. Alhamdulillah at least I got a chance to be with them. At least I get something to learn. Accepting is not easy but of course we can. Let them leave. Redha. Keep your love in your heart and slowly let it go. Moving on. Keep on moving forward. There are lot of people are waiting for their turn to come into your life. There are lot of things you need to get through.

Don't blame the memories. Don't blame them. And the most important thing, don't you ever blame yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. It is just that they are not meant to be with you. Don't stop yourself from loving someone else. Okay? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day ahead.
P/S : Its being a while since the last time I updated my blog. More to come. In shaa Allah.


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