Some Untold Stories

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I got 9.00 am class tomorrow, here I am still updating my blog. Already 1.10 am. There are a lot of things going through my mind. Just finished with minor project for Management Skills subject which we have to organize Zombie Run. It was such a tiring moment for me. I have to shout and talk a lot since I had to brief about the checkpoint and all those things. Arhh. And tomorrow I have presentation and forum. Oh god! It is not easy to be a student but yes, what else can I do. 

Since penat gila sekarang, masa tu la mood akan ke laut. Good things did happened today. I learned how to handle event, I learn about the value of friendship when I almost got into a fight with my bestfriend. Thank god, we are fine. Haha just a small misunderstanding. And today, someone being so nice to me. Even though he gave me such a super-spicy-hot-that-makes-my-mouth-burn hotdog. Hahaha. Patutlah bagi kat kita, sebab pedas rupanya. Hahaha. But still thank you so much. I appreciate it. 

But, still, since fizikal and mental penat, hati pun tiba-tiba meroyan. Datang angin sedih tiba-tiba. Hahaha. I texted someone and start to question him with a lot of questions. Lepas tu dua-dua angin tak tentu pasal. I don't know. I hate being hold onto something or someone. We are too complicated. Well, actually dia yang complicated. Too many things I wanna ask but whenever we tried to discuss, mesti ada benda je yang halang. Run out of time lah, both tired lah, both tak sihatlah. Macam-macam. 

I don't wanna lose him, I'm scared I will be losing him. I hate the fact that he won't never care about me. Or he is totally move on from our story. My close friends said, maybe, he doesn't really love me, he just needs me at certain time. Some also said, I am live with my own imagination. It is hurt. Its really hurts. But if it is the fact, I should learn with it. I should move on and start a new life. Is it? Hahaha. I don't know. Just give me some time to think.



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